Wednesday, 1 June 1994

DBSD01 - SMEAR - "GUSHING" (1994)

1 - Childeater
2 - Jesus Loves You... (But I Don't)
3 - Smother
4 - Swallowing Razors

Format: Cassette EP
Released Summer 1994
Availability: Deleted


"Smear are the multi talented duo of Lawrence Conquest (instruments) and Richard Jones (voices), and their promo incorporates elements of death, industrial and the other genres you'd expect to find covered in this mag. This demo proves it can be done with two, instead of five or six, as their demo changes so much during each song.
It's impossible to pigeon-hole, on songs such as 'Childeater', and 'Jesus Loves You - But I Don't' (Thankfully not The Almighty's version!), 'Smother' and 'Swallowing Razors'. Lawrence reckons their most original aspect "is Richards vocals". Well, I wouldnt say that, becasue both Martin Van Drunen of Submission and Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates use that style.
I'd say it was their ability to change musical styles so quickly. But there you go, each to his own...
Smear certainly leave an indelible mark on your conscience."
5 out of 5
Phil Sunderland, Terrorizer Magazine # 9, June 1994.


"The Gushing tape has four tracks, and is all done in the same drum-machine mediated manner as the Almost Human album. While not living up to that album in terms of songwriting, there are great moments in the totally death metal 'Childeater', and the utter suicidal pessimism of the stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Both these releases do have the occasional guitar solo...but Loz is a decent player, and they work well in this context. There are plenty of sampled bits and pieces here too."
Nick Moberly, The Dead Sea fanzine


"Now this is what I like to see; four tracks of musical excellence and pure agression. Recently I reviewed Smear's latest offering which only managed the three mark but on hearing that I was desperate to hear more. 'Gushing' is one of the best demo's that I have had the pleasure to hear in a long time.
It is mainly a death demo but, taking inspiration from other music like industrial and thrash has expanded them and dragged them out of the stagnant pool that so many bands wallow in nowadays. Smear is two people, Loz Conquest on ALL instruments and Rich Jones on vocals.
Both do an excellent job and this has some brilliantly inspired instrumental parts.
4 out of 5
Gravespade fanzine, 1994


"If you like your death with an industrial kinda vibe I suggest you get a copy of 'Gushing' kills."
Paul, Ninth Circle fanzine, 1994.

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