Friday, 25 November 1994



1 - Isolation (6.34)
2 - Gushing (1.58)
3 - Ugly Girls Make Pretty Corpses (8.25)

Total Running Time - 16.58

Format: Cassette Single
Released: Winter 1994
Availability: Deleted


"You may remember the review of this Bristol duo's demo 'Gushing' back in issue 9. Since then the band have recorded a full-length album called 'Almost Human'. This is basically a cassette single of 'Isolation', a cut that didn't make it onto the album. It is backed with two cuts that hark back to the days before 'Gushing' came out. Instrumentalist Lawrence Conquest says that they are pretty poor but were added to enable a quick release of the single. These two cuts are weaker in both structure and production but I don't think that they are quite the deadloss that Lawrence makes them out to be in his letter. I didn't get to hear the 'Gushing' demo but am fairly impressed with the 'Isolation' cut. The band play a mix of death metal and industrial music with the vocals of Richard Jones coming over very much like a lot of other vocalists in the genre. Lawrence's instrumental prowess cannot be faulted either as he turns his hand to guitar, bass and drums all with more than a degree of success. Where the band fall down though is the structure of the song, as it's a bit disjointed at times. All in all this is pretty promising and the band hope to undertake some live shows as a three-piece pretty soon so that should be interesting."

Chris Gambold, Terrorizer Magazine # 23, September 1995

"Death-core with a bit of style, which makes a refreshing change from the usual grunts and 2-chord guitars, not that all the lyrics scan brilliantly! Also a frontman who stands up for what he believes in considering the anti-vivisecionist stance on the inlays."
Bob Smith (reviewing Gushing & Isolation), Chaotic Order fanzine # 6


"Initially involved with the macabre animal experimentation detail of the tape cover (including the infamous Harlow experiment on isolating rhesus monkeys at birth in the 1950's), I soon enjoyed the newer title track of Isolation, with it's indie-riff-gone-death-metal-industial approach, very similar to on the subsequent full-length, with lots of buzzing off-the-wall ideas and useful riffs. The other two tracks were recorded two year previously, with studio drums, and lack the quality. One is more of an industrial nightmare composition with the other being a more spacious, repetetive loosely industrial song."
Nick Moberly, The Dead Sea fanzine #1, 1996


"Having head Smears previous release (Gushing), and been totally blown away by it, I was looking forward to hearing this. Was I let down - was I fuck. The multi-talented Loz provides the musical armageddon while the vocals of Rich are as grisly as ever. I'll stick my neck out and say Smear are Britains answer to Meathook Seed. Check these guys out - you won't be disappointed..."
Paul, Ninth Circle fanzine, 1994

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