Monday, 15 October 2012


1) Recovery Time (2:00)
2) Coiling Tower of Serpents (6:19)
3) Like Fingernails Down the Blackboard of Your Soul (6:22)
4) Patient 8230 (9:55)
5) This is Dedicated to the One I Hate (10:56)
6) The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn (7:03)
7) The Art of Drowning on Dry Land (1:38)
8) Sounds Produced by Manipulating the Corpse of a Small Child Washed Ashore on Brighton Beach, August 12th, 1973 (15:53)
9) I Only Want to Be With You (4:28)
Total Running Time: 64:35
 Released: 16th October 2012
Format: CD album
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Sunday, 3 July 2011


1) Got a New Hate-Toy Now (02:25)
2) Live in Vegas - White Night #1 (06:13)
3) Thirteen Seconds of Mistreated Tape (0:13)
4) Under the Tent of Their Rough Black Wings (07:40)
5) The Voice of Unreason (01:13)
6) Live in Vegas - White Night #2 (02:47)
7) Taste the Poison (09:14)
8) Click Track (01:09)
9) Performance Piece (05:41)
10) Rough, Toothless Mouth of Clay (07:48)
11) Everybody Dies (07:00)
Total Running Time: 51:30
Released: 4th July 2011
Format: CD album
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

DBSD17/SNNT042 - HATE-MALE - "LIVE IN STUDIO - 20TH MAY 2010" (2010)

*NOTE: This is a co-release between Dogbarkssome Discs and Silent Novels Rec.
1) Live in Studio - 20th May 2010 (36:21)
Total Running Time: 36:21

Released: 24th May, 2010
Formats: Download version released on  Silent Novels Rec.
Limited Edition CD version released on Dogbarkssome Discs
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NOTE: A handful of copies of this CD were produced for promotional purposes and have been sent to various magazines, websites etc.
There are only 10 numbered CDs available for purchase by the general public
Once these have been sold the album will not be repressed.

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"I just got done reviewing his "Decade of noise" when this one shows up as a complete surprise in my mailbox today. The back of the album sleeve reads, "This album was recorded completely live in one take, with no overdubs, editing, mixing or other post-production of any kind". My curiosity led me to immediately give it a spin and write about it as I was still recovering from the last listen to Lawrence Conquest, the man known as Hate-Male.
This is a 36 minute long sonic, mind bending, consciousness melting, wormhole ride of warps and wobbles through this digital travel log through parallel universes and subatomic particles. Warm fuzz like fresh urine on electrical wires, zapping and fizzing and frothing, as your head spins at lightspeeds around and around with this soundscape of noise. Everything that comes to mind when you think of electronic, industrial, power, experimental music is here and in abundance. Nothing says electronic like this stuff, it's cyborg and rivetting. This is some intense and awe inspiring stuff, brilliant and worthy of mention with the greats of the style.
Another one for fans of: This artist, Merzbow, Aube, Bastard Noise, Megaptera, NTT, Yen Pox, In Slaughter Natives, Sutcliffe Jugend, Skitliv, Subklinik, and everything noise and industrial..."

Defecation on the Divine Radio Blog

"My crushed and battered body was just beginning to recover from the last assault by Hate-Male (a.k.a. Lawrence Conquest) when along comes Live In Studio 20th May 2010 (DOGBARKSSOME DISCS DBSD17). A single 36 minute work recorded live in a single take with no overdubs, this monstrosity shows you just what this man can do with his sickening use of repetition as he tortures his sequencer into breathing its final gasps of digital breath. An incredible cascade of sound, where digital reverb has ceased to be simply a decorative studio effect and is mutating into some sort of living creature, writhing like a gigantic horned python inside a coil of flame. Whatever this scaly beast may be, you can be certain it means no good towards mankind. The brilliantly shocking cover depicts an ancient doll with a highly distressed plastic head and equipped with a loathsome set of dental snappers, like a survivor from that repellent scene in Barbarella. This record represents the pared-down no-frills approach of Hate-Male (as opposed to his lush, production-heavy technique), and as such will inject your veins with a dose of the rawest possible chemical strain of max-strength virulent noise. Once infected, you can prepare for a rush on a cosmic, never-ending rollercoaster of death, a ride which will doubtless conclude with a painful and bloody finish." Ed Pinsent
The Sound Projector

Sunday, 12 April 2009


 1) The First Hit is the Hardest (07:33)
2) Intense Suffering Under a Non-Stop Barrage of Blows to the Head (08:41)
3)Teaching Robots the Queensberry Rules (09:31)
4) Manchurian Boxing (Get in the Ring) (07:00)
5) Carry On Punching (14:46)
6) Fist Fight at the Twin Towers (01:23)
7) (I Don't Want Your Money, Honey) I Want Your Glove (10:31)
8) Comatose Vegetable Dreamstate Incurred by Repeated Blows to the Cranium (13:12)
9) All Against All(01:08)
Total Running Time: 73:51

Released: 12th February 2010
Format: CD album
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"The CD by Hate-Male just arrived from Somerset a few days ago. I’m checking into the emergency ward tomorrow. Lawrence Conquest’s 'Greatest Hits: A Decade of Noise 1999-2009' comes with a health warning printed on the back, advising us ‘This Album Contains No Music’, and his press notes are filled with liberal superlatives and four-letter words from the mouths of overwhelmed music reviewers who express widespread horror mingled with masochistic delight when describing the effects of this extremely extreme brand of noise. Even Masami Akita has given his personal endorsement to Conquest’s work. To assemble this assaultive torrent of painful filth, Hate-Male judiciously selected elements from albums in his back catalogue (whose titles all rejoice in sex, death, nihilism, destruction and violence) and refashioned them into these mangled, compressed and ultra-intensified remixes. Most of the power comes from the extremely high volume (he must go to great pains to ensure the CD pressing plant meets his unfeasible requirements), but even within a few moments of listening it becomes clear that Hate-Male’s compositional skills are also paramount, as we witness him marshalling and assembling his diabolical forces with conviction, controlling his insane dynamic ranges in such ways as to unleash elemental, unholy energies. The record is strewn with elaborate titles and upsetting images (all used with jet-black humour) to transform the entire mess into a “concept album” on the theme of boxing, hitting, punching, belabouring and generally inflicting damage and pain with the fisticuffs, just in case we didn’t get the idea. A remarkable, visceral experience awaits the listener brave enough to purchase this monstrous abomination."
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

""I've always felt that Lawrence Conquest hasn't received the kudos he deserves for his Hate-Male project - one of my favourite UK harsh noise outfits, whose sense of twisted mischief is only out-weighed by the electronic skull-fuckery he records. Greatest Hits: A Decade of Noise (Dogbarkssome) is exactly what it says, a presentation of tracks recorded over the past ten years, only remixed to the point of absurdity in that they are essentially brand new tracks. Nevertheless, it's typically exhilerating fare. (4 stars)"
Calum Harvie, Zero Tolerance magazine

"This CD is a remix of material from the 10 years that Hate-Male has been producing works, i.e. 1999-2009. Though ostensivly a reworking of material in the first 8 tracks, the work still shows how over a decade the harsher ontologies of noise have moved in that on some if not most tracks pitch and rhythms appear, as well as recognizable vocals, form things which could only be described as songs, esp. track 3, with pulsing rhythms and drone like soundwashes of electronica, though on others, the latter ones, white noise predominates, elsewhere the musicology and aesthetic is clear. It is only with the final track 9 which is made from compiling all the previous material do we get a "white out" of sound. Historicising is always difficult, especially with actual source material, and I suppose a kind of eclectic mix is inevitable, as with all "best of" and "greatest hits", these are only ever exercises in nostalgia. There would be some, and I include myself, that would argue that noise's "data without information " should preclude any kind of geology at all, and yet here we do see definite strata, which may have been intentional, it marks a clear spot on a map, a definitive date and time - unlike the HNW vacuum, however that might be an irrelevance for the trajectories here are hard to tell where they are heading, back to definite electronics or into the noosphere of HNW?"
Jilat, Vital Weekly

"With a decade of hell noise behind him, Hate-Male takes every track he has ever done and mangles it beyond comprehension on 'Greatest Hits 1999-2009 A Decade of Noise' (Dogbarkssome) and he gives it one hell of a going over. One of the most intense noise releases for some time." (8 out of 10)"
Alex Boniwell, Terrorizer Magazine

"For over a decade now this man has chosen to invoke chaos in the form of discordant and rasping electronic sounds, but not all of it is pure obnoxious noise, there are moments of hypnotic sound spheres like highspeed tapeloops amidst an ocean of fuzz as heard on "Comatose Vegetable Dreamstate Incurred By Repeated Blows to the Cranium".
Some of the experience here is equally psychedelic and dreamlike as much as it is rigorous and sharp in spots. This artist takes the masterful skills of Nurse With Wound in many areas of this collection and explores it to a few different extremes. Nothing here is pure noise, it's all sculpted into this experience of feedback, loops, high voltage current, industrial whirs and hums, buzzes, some synth work, and almost humanlike voices that becomes a resonating trip into something as horrid as it is enjoyable.
There is nothing left out as far as power electronics goes, this has pulsing rhythms, low-end booms and hums of basstone, lots of sound manipulation, screeching and shrill effects, and comes off like a soundtrack of being submerged in a deep pool of electronic synth sounds both liquid and flowing as they are dense and surround you.
A Definite for fans of: Megaptera, Merzbow, Bastard Noise, Dissecting Table, Aube, In Slaughter Natives,Koerperwelten, NTT, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Painslut, Rasthof Dachau, and so many more..."

Defecation on the Divine Radio Blog

Sunday, 20 July 2008


1am - The Somnambulist's Prayer (13:37)
2am - Wake Up and Go to Sleep, She Said (2:25)
3am - Forcing Matchsticks Under the Eyelids of the Unburied Dead (7:17)
4am - Piano Tuning in the Dark, and Other Lessons in Malevolence (3:13)
5am - Bed Head - part 1: While You Slept I Destroyed Your World (10:18)
6am - Bed Head - part 2: The Fever Dream Continues (9:21)
7am - Deep Inhalation of Noxious Fumes to Induce Waking Nightmares (1:39)
8am - Hallucinogenic Fugue State Resulting From Extended Sleep Deprivation (12:15)
9am - I Dreamt I Was Awake, But When I Woke Up I Found I Was Asleep (1:21)
Total Running Time: 61:34

Released: July 2008
Format: CD album
Availability: Currently Unavailable

"Intricately woven layers of psychedelic, trippy drones give way to seismic scuzz which in turn leads us into meditative moments of relative tranquility. Yeah, this is an intelligently crafted noise experiment with a tangible Japanoise tang - the more blissed-out passages bring the work of Hiroshi Hasegawa to mind. It takes something thoughtful to hold your attention for over an hour but this multi-hued construction is so fascinating that you don't even notice time passing."
5 stars
Zero Tolerance magazine #25, September/October 2008

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


1) The Weigh of All Flesh (6:35)
2) Son and Daughter (4:06)

Released: July 2008
Format: Mini-CD single

An odd little debut single from Lawrence (Hate-Male) Conquest and his ex-Smear bandmate Richard Jones. The title track is an unclassifiable but classy piece of extreme metal with catchy riffs, mechanised blastbeats, harsh industrialised vocals and samples and extreme yet accessible. The 'B-side' covers Queen's Led Zep-ish 'Son and Daughter', hardly heavier than the original, except vocal-wise, but it rocks nonetheless. Great stuff! (4.5)
Zero Tolerance magazine #25 (September/October 2008)

Thursday, 1 March 2007


-Hate-Male Shower Radio Suite-
1) Hate-FM (11:44)
2) Long-Wave Hate (2:42)
3) Medium-Wave Hate (22:44)
4 ) Short-Wave Hate (6:30)
-Japan Only Bonus Track-
5 ) Killing America (4:20)
Total Running Time: 48:03

Format: CD album
Released: March 2007
Availability: Deleted

'Harsh' really doesn't do this CD justice whatsoever. Put on headphones, crank up the juice and this is probably as close to a brain scrambling headfuck as you can get. Using radio signals as raw ingredients, the five tracks on 'I Want Your Sex' are an all-consuming, frequently suffocating, miasma of static electronic malevolence. This is what noise is all about - sounds which exhilerate, eviscerate and leave you gasping for breath.
5 (exceptional)
Zero Tolerance magazine

This is the 7th album as Hate-Male by Lawrence Conquest. According to the author’s comments in the booklet, this album has been “constructed almost entirely using radio signals as source material”.“Hate-FM” begins with some alcoholized sample, quickly replaced by a white noise sound wall. This has some fuzzy echoed voices coming and leaving, after a minute the whole sounds seems to collapse and to get lower, it seems possible to perceive some rhythmic in this massive sound maze. The whole is much distorted, rather than white-noisy. The whole atmosphere created is some kind of industrial chaos. Most of the variations are made through the frequencies of the whole oscillating from higher to lower-pitched, some samples and some patterns that sometimes seem to loop, creating some kind of pseudo-rhythms. The parts with lower sounds are interesting as this one near 4.00 where there seem almost some drums rumbling: aural illusion. Some melodic incursions are quite common, as this one near 5:30, at the top of a rise to white noise.; or a t 7:30, quickly covered by an massive layer of distorted sound. Near 8:00 we can hear what seems to be metallic or machine’s noises, at the bottom of main oscillation. Finally, more white noises are added, then some kind of thundering loop crosses your speakers from left to right, slowly introducing some human voices’ samples, till the last vibrating tonal wave. The second track, “Long-Wave Hate”, starts with some famous sample quickly interrupted by a sound wall. Here, the sound consists of different things: less white noises, more parasites, and gratings.
Near 1:40 starts a rhythmic part with interruption of the sound, then with another metallic howling noise phrasing the whole with other parasites, glitches. Really fuzzy samples may be perceived, till everything abruptly stops.
The third track, “Medium-Wave Hate”, has really many high-pitched noises that remind FM radio signals. It begins with a chaotic melodic wave, then confirmed by some deformed heroic sample. This track is much calmer, tonal and ambient than former ones. Vibrations evolve, slowly modulated, with some parasites, slightly, with some gratings, but the whole remains far less aggressive than previous tracks. The structure consists of several parts separated by parts with lower volume. The transitions are all but wall noises hitting your eardrums: it’s fade in-fade out in a smooth way. But, at around 10:40, the sound gets closer to some huge metallic vibration, with ghostly voices behind… The main point of this track is the oscillating vibration that keeps on the relative smoothness of its beginnings.
The fourth track, “Short-Wave Hate”, begins with more classical indus/noise sounds. The track seems to be harsher. We can perceive an alternation between lower sounds parts and white noises saturated parts, both often populated with some voice sample much distorted and fuzzy. The rhythms consist of some mini-sound walls, variations of a specific sound layer rather than global interruptions, or than loops of specific noises. Anyway, talking about rhythm might be a bit pointless for this might be rather some inference of our brain, to try desperately to organize such a sonic chaos, than the reflection of reality. It ends with some rhythmic intervention of some high-pitched glitches, then accelerating, finally getting higher and building a continuous noise, while other sound are reduced to nothingness. In the end, the track crashes on a relatively mild sound wall…
The fifth and last track plays with stereo effect and destroys some melody, as soon as we could hear a bit of it… It keeps the melody’s rhythmic aspects to create a merry noise track… This track is called “Killing America”, a funny deformation of the “Calling America” song, by Electric Light Orchestra, “composed by Jeff Lynne and decomposed by Lawrence Conquest”, as jokily explained in inlay comments!
This album features an oscillation between white noise and lower distorted harsh sounds, between high-pitched sounds and low-pitched ones (first track) The sound is often consisting of white noises (1st track), but also on more industrial noises (around the middle of the long 3rd track). Some songs’, melodic incursions of songs (2nd track), or some harmonies created by FM gratings. On the whole, this is about a rather chaotic atmosphere, yet not anguishing or dark at all. So, one could question the “Hate” element, that should be present in all tracks. Actually, although the music is sometimes really harsh, there isn’t any hateful voice or dark atmosphere. There aren’t huge variations when a sound is established, almost no sudden bursts or sonic attacks, like in some Dissecting Table, for instance. Thus, it may seem not that aggressive to some noise-addicts, for the aggression is constant, it’s rather ambient, static, than moving, dynamic. The audio violence has several faces…
“Hate-Male” sounds as if there would be some wind coming out of your stereo (track 1), although I just admit I haven’t followed the recommendation to put this CD at maximum volume: I still need my ears. I guess this album played at maximum volume wouldn’t be non-listenable. Yes, this goes the same with mushrooms: no mushroom is non-edible, actually: all mushrooms are edible, but some are edible only once… So, if you want to listen to it several times, I guess it’s recommended not to listen to it at maximum volume. An alternate solution is also possible: putting some good earplugs and preparing to be expelled by your flat’s owner and neighbours with stones’ throws… Let’s summarize: “I Want Your Sex” is harsh noise, therefore neither the author, nor Heathen Harvest, nor your humble servant can be held responsible for any injury due to an inappropriate use of this record!
Heathern Harvest