Sunday, 1 March 1998


1 - Subatomic (3.04)
2 - Headshot (2.15)
3 - Amputee (3.21)
4 - Cripple (5.49)
(plus bonus hidden track Short Song)

Total Running Time - 14.30

Format: CD single
Released: Spring 1998
Availability: Deleted

"Just when I thought the project had stalled totally, I was sent the latest single with news that personal problems had created a previous three year hiatus. Nevertheless, things start with what I asume to be a natural follow-on from Almost Human, a cracking track with a drum 'n' bass rhythm doing the business perfectly...
'Headshot' is typically off-the-wall, with catchy indie song structure being mutilated, inverted and coming out better than you'd ever imagine. 'Amputee' is more of a slow number, and while suited to the nihilistic lyrics peddled by Conquest (no doubt inspired by his creative drought), the pace just isn't right. Finally, 'Cripple' is more to the point, with an ECG sample woven into the rhythm of the track at one point, twisted metal with a very futuristic feel that dies before coming back for a minute of false hope.
The upcoming full-length should fnally turn many more heads (it's criminal Smear are still self-releasing their stuff and losing money in the process).
Nick Moberly, The Dead Sea fanzine

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