Monday, 1 November 1999


1 - First Cut (46:07)

Total Running Time: 46:07

Format: CD
Released: November 1999
Availability: Deleted


"Apparently, Terror HQ has been neglecting the output of Bristol grind/death/industrial/hardcore band Smear. Apparently, we liked one of their releases, didn't like another and then ignored them. How positively fucking rude of us (but then, what do we know, eh chaps?)
Anyway, the spell in Coventry is about to end with this 'harsh as fuck' burst of electronic noise that is Smear side-project Hate-Male.
This is like being caught, or rather consumed by a ferocious electric storm, albeit a warm and fuzzy one, and one punctuated by occasional Lynchian (c'mon, it's in the label name) passages of, well not calm, exactly, but surreal respite or something. It's also one which is the product of a box of Germanium transistors (the fuzz cognoscenti's proverbial 'shit', apparently). Never mind the first five minutes; try the first five listens. It's fucking STAGGERING.
The accompanying literature is far too apologetic for its own good (you're like, one of the most brutal releases of the year so far - now is not the time to be sensitive). Fears of bandwagon jumping are simply irrelavent, this would have been a better (and more aesthetically pleasing) torture instrument than the shock torture used on a guy chained up in the Charles Bronson film I saw last night. THE ELECTRODES PLEASE!!! But then, what do we know..."
9 out of 10 - Catherine Yates, Terrorizer Magazine #79, June 2000.

"The white-noise of Hate-Male which, to me at least is shit scary (very good thing!) - mad distorted guitars screeching in your ears for eight minutes, and it's only a cut."
Bob Smith, Chaotic Order fanzine #6, 2000.

"Thanks for the Hate-Male CD which I enjoyed. Very good harsh sound".
Masima Akita (Merzbow), personal letter, 2000.

"Cut Throat (Razor) is certainly an album living up to its name. Brutal white noise abounds and it's a pleasantly unsettling experience."
Alex Mann, Chaotic Order fanzine #13, 2002.

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