Wednesday, 1 January 2003


1 - Teaching Computers To Kill (2:36)
2 - Attack of the Toberman (2:00)
3 - Primavera (5:44)
4 - Landing / Assualt (4:20)
5 - Sixteen Reasons Why I Hate You (11:16)
6 - Replicate, Eradicate, Annihilate (3:43)
7 - The Cowboy (7:26)
8 - Destroy All Humans (19:11)
9 - You Will Be Like Us (2:50)
10 - Gravitron Dancing (9:06)
11 - Orbital Decay (7:40)

Total Running Time: 75:53

Format: CD
Released: January 2003
Availability: Deleted


""On the back it says “harsh as fuck electronic noise”, but y’know.. it’s not totally harsh, not all the way through. At 75 minutes, this album would appear to be too long, and the packaging is jewel-case home-printed uninventive. And yet, you can already tell this is quality stuff. Is it a bit trebly? There are doses of white noise. The last track had better be good with an “end of an epic” title like Orbital Decay. Some really nice lotus position noise is followed by lumpen agitated dub. It’s varied and it has humming/worrying sounds. Harsh as fuck? Some of this is pretty nice! Echoed, Glittering, Synthy! I won’t say the words hovering behind my tongue, (ok, New Age), cos this is actually great! There’s something for everyone in here. Best of all is the Tomb of the Cybermen sample (“We. Will. Survive.”) Awesome. Cover depicts a still from said 60s Who episode. I’m wondering if a 60s cyberman is cooler than an 80s cyberman? 80s = 20/30something trendy shit. Moonbooted cybermen rather than wellied cybermen. But I stray from the point of this review, which is to tell you that this is a fine, epic, varied noise CD that encompasses dub/drone/noise/samples to excellent effect."

Rob Galpin, Sunny Days Out webzine 2003

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