Friday, 14 May 2004



1 - Choir of the Damned (2:29)
2 - Buried in Ice (4:22)
3 - Manchuria 731 (4:44)
4 - Mommy (7:28)
5 - Suffocated (5:52)
6 - Burying the Bodies / Flytopia (Land of the Free) (11:45)

Total Running Time: 36:43

Format: CD
Released: May 2004
Availability: Deleted

"Noise, noise and more noise. From the fetid bleeding ears left in the wake of Merzbow and Massona, Hate-Male emerge. From all out screetching feedback to multi-layered thick slabs of dissonance and into the realms of the illbient, Lawrence Conquest, for he is the mentalist behind H-M, batters and caresses the listener in equal measures, loving you with hatred. Good stuff."
(8 out of 10)
Terrorizer magazine #123, September 2004

"Lawrence Conquest, the man behind Hate-Male, likes his noise. Your Disease comprises six tracks of the stuff, at times in the form of caustic feedback, and at others pure, harsh layers of static. The occasional ebb and flow of drones and a hint of melody are the only accessible elements in an otherwise abrasive barrage. Wails and dissonance create even more uneasy listening, while the more restrained moments are reminiscent of dark ambient. Your Disease is dark and nasty, and I'm not talking about the rash on your...I mean, this comes highly recommended for noise fans".
(4 out of 5)
Zero Tolerance magazine #5, May/June 2005

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