Monday, 1 May 2006


Necrology Volume 1
1 - Live From Floor 83, South Tower (6:16)
2 - Live From Floor 105, South Tower (14:22)

Total Running Time: 20:39

Format: Mini-CD single
Released: May 2006
Availability: Deleted


"The events of 9/11, and the eventual aftermath, reverberate around the world to this day. With one despicable act the American people were woken from their slumbers forever. The turkeys had come home to roost and Hell came to their door. The security of their everyday lives forever thrown out of the window. For now they realised the truth. There were certain countries around the world who despised them. Here were people willing to sacrifice their own lives to bring terror on a scale never seen before. The day of the martyr had arrived and his spectre was never going to go away. The world watched in shock and awe as live transmitted pictures of that fateful day were brought kicking and screaming through television sets. People wept for the loss of innocents. Aghast at the scale of the tragedy. Whilst other people secretly cheered at the destruction being bestowed upon their enemy. Millions of words have been written about this tragic event. Millions more will be forthcoming. The wounds felt by the American people will never fully heal.
Which makes reviewing this latest release by Hate-Male one of the most difficult I've ever undertaken. Not because of the music. The music is your typical power electronics noise assault that either you'll enjoy or not give a toss about. It's the subject matter that is the main bone of contention. Heathen Harvest is an American based website. Because of that I have to tread carefully with my words. Respect for the dead and living is priority. Respect for the feelings of the American people uppermost in my mind. The plain facts are that this shattering event was always going to end up being used by someone in the creation of disturbing music. I'm only surprised its taken this long for the first to appear. The use of actual 9 / 11 emergency call operators speaking of life and death situations over the extreme sound manipulations makes for a depressing and harrowing aural experience. The cries of anguish matched only by the ferocity of the generated sounds. And so the visitor to this website must make up his own mind whether this release is a valid attempt to recreate artistically one of the most horrific chapters in modern history or whether it courts controversy for the sake and personal gain of it. I personally believe the artists intentions are of the former. He even adds the line 'respect the dead' in the cover note. The choice though is ultimately upon you to decide. The subject matter unfortunately will bring the ghouls out to play. People who can't get enough of real life death and destruction.witness the popularity of the rape & murder tapes doing the rounds.and so they will flock to this release like flies to shit. This isn't just for them though. This release manages to be a soundtrack accompaniment to the thousand of pictures of that tragedy currently circulating. If you have the stomach and will to listen to it as such then it's aural impact is hard to overlook."
Heathern Harvest

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