Tuesday, 1 November 2005


1 - Underture (0:26)
2 - Carry On Sid (2:48)
3 - Phwoar Ensemble (4:12)
4 - Love Theme From Carry On Hating (3:51)
5 - Carry On Ken (5:24)
6 - Rear Admiral (4:53)
7 - Investigating Aviary Avenue (3:55)
8 - Anally Fisting Hattie Jacques (slight return) (1:45)
9 - Stop Mucking About (1:50)

Total Running Time: 29:08

Format: CD album
Released: November 2005
Availability: Deleted

"The fifth release from Bristol-based, hate-filled noise outfit Hate-Male is seemingly just as sick and twisted as previous efforts. Storming through a one-man electrical maelstrom of drones/inhuman computerised groans, it's almost a miniature epic encapsulated in digital soundscapes. There's enough nastiness to satisfy those with darker tastes, natably on 'Carry On Ken', which renegades (sic) the music to a minimal state of echoes and foreboding, almost sinister buzzing of something getting closer. Relax and be consumed."

7.5 out of 10
Terrorizer magazine #144, May 2006.

"Bugger me, now I've heard everything. Having been making a name for themselves with some thoughtful and varied takes power electronics, here Hate-Male continue their series of sensual assaults with the same attention to detail and effect as before, but with the addition of samples from all your favourite Carry On stars. Worth it for the song titles alone ('Phwoar Ensemble', 'Anally Fisting Hattie Jacques (slight return)') but delve beneath the humour for some wondrous, ferocious noise."
4 out of 5
Zero Tolerance magazine #11, May/June 2006.

"The Glaxo Babies came from Bristol. Fucking marvellous band. Critically and commercially ignored all round - apart from a band of hard core followers who continually bought their records. I was one such fan. I miss them greatly. They remained the best thing musically to ever come out of Bristol. I'll accept no arguments over this point. I am right. You are wrong. Get over it. Bristol is now back on the map. Bristol rises into the conscious once more. Only this time the music is not for the faint of heart. Bristol is home to a sonic anarchist / anti-Christ going by the name of Lawrence Conquest. He came, he saw, he kicked its fucking arse. And you are about to enter his world. Avon calling. Avon calling.
"Carry on Hating" is the fifth release by Hate-Male to see the grubby light of day. His previous releases "Your Disease", "Destroy all Humans", "Suffer" and "Cut-Throat" have all received critical acclaim from various magazines. Even the old man of Noise Mr Merzbow himself had some nice things to say about his music. High praise indeed. And after being subjected (listening isn't an appropriate word to use here) to this latest opus, I can see where Merzbow baby was coming from. Lawrence doesn't half make a fucking racket when he's in full flow.
Before describing the music the old boring information routine must be strictly adhered to. "Carry on Hating" consists of 9 tracks spread over 29 minutes. You can buy it direct from the artist himself. Only £5.00... and this includes postage. Not the greatest of packaging, just a coloured paper insert, but you can't expect much more at that price. If you want a laugh you could try ordering it from one of spotty faced geeks behind the counter of your local HMV or Our Price record emporium.
Hate-Male then. Cool name it must be said. Tells you everything to expect musically without needing to ask. Lawrence (on this release anyways as I've not heard the *others) plays the old noise / samples / dub / experimental electronics / harsh beats card to pretty much perfection. Noise, glorious noise. Not just noise though I hasten to add. I find it strange that I can review so many of these type of recordings and take to some but can't take to others. Baffles the fuck out of me. "Carry on Hating" though I found exhilarating and highly entertaining. Call it a buzz if you will but I connected to this music. There was something about the way he threw all these force 10 concoctions at you at full pelt that I found very profound. Intense in other words. The electronic maelstroms he created an exercise in noise in extremis. This only tells part of the story though. Not content with destroying the brain cells with sonic overload he also isn't afraid to tackle a little experimental leanings as found on 'Investigating Aviary Avenue' and 'Anally fisting Hattie Jacques (slight return)', which was a welcome respite from the more ubiquitous noise aspects. His foray into dub / harsh beats also come highly commended. Throwing the final spanner into the works he closes with a piece that wouldn‚t be out of place on an ambient release. Take fucking that and make of it what you will. Brilliant.
This is the part of a review I get bored with. The concluding paragraph. I've written the best I can to describe this work so have very little else to say. "Carry on Hating" is a (stick your own fawning word to describe 'excellent' in this space) release that was a genuine (and again for 'surprise') that you should at least give a try. Anyone who releases a recording with a "Carry on" theme, and include samples of the late great Sid James, deserves attention. For a poxy fiver you have nothing to lose.
*So highly have I rated this release that I've actually gone and ordered the whole back catalogue of releases, and, the latest titled "Live at the Twin Towers". I think that says it all in a nutshell.."

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