Sunday, 20 July 2008


1am - The Somnambulist's Prayer (13:37)
2am - Wake Up and Go to Sleep, She Said (2:25)
3am - Forcing Matchsticks Under the Eyelids of the Unburied Dead (7:17)
4am - Piano Tuning in the Dark, and Other Lessons in Malevolence (3:13)
5am - Bed Head - part 1: While You Slept I Destroyed Your World (10:18)
6am - Bed Head - part 2: The Fever Dream Continues (9:21)
7am - Deep Inhalation of Noxious Fumes to Induce Waking Nightmares (1:39)
8am - Hallucinogenic Fugue State Resulting From Extended Sleep Deprivation (12:15)
9am - I Dreamt I Was Awake, But When I Woke Up I Found I Was Asleep (1:21)
Total Running Time: 61:34

Released: July 2008
Format: CD album
Availability: Currently Unavailable

"Intricately woven layers of psychedelic, trippy drones give way to seismic scuzz which in turn leads us into meditative moments of relative tranquility. Yeah, this is an intelligently crafted noise experiment with a tangible Japanoise tang - the more blissed-out passages bring the work of Hiroshi Hasegawa to mind. It takes something thoughtful to hold your attention for over an hour but this multi-hued construction is so fascinating that you don't even notice time passing."
5 stars
Zero Tolerance magazine #25, September/October 2008

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