Sunday, 12 April 2009


 1) The First Hit is the Hardest (07:33)
2) Intense Suffering Under a Non-Stop Barrage of Blows to the Head (08:41)
3)Teaching Robots the Queensberry Rules (09:31)
4) Manchurian Boxing (Get in the Ring) (07:00)
5) Carry On Punching (14:46)
6) Fist Fight at the Twin Towers (01:23)
7) (I Don't Want Your Money, Honey) I Want Your Glove (10:31)
8) Comatose Vegetable Dreamstate Incurred by Repeated Blows to the Cranium (13:12)
9) All Against All(01:08)
Total Running Time: 73:51

Released: 12th February 2010
Format: CD album
Availability: IN STOCK NOW
PRICE £5 including postage and packing worldwide

"The CD by Hate-Male just arrived from Somerset a few days ago. I’m checking into the emergency ward tomorrow. Lawrence Conquest’s 'Greatest Hits: A Decade of Noise 1999-2009' comes with a health warning printed on the back, advising us ‘This Album Contains No Music’, and his press notes are filled with liberal superlatives and four-letter words from the mouths of overwhelmed music reviewers who express widespread horror mingled with masochistic delight when describing the effects of this extremely extreme brand of noise. Even Masami Akita has given his personal endorsement to Conquest’s work. To assemble this assaultive torrent of painful filth, Hate-Male judiciously selected elements from albums in his back catalogue (whose titles all rejoice in sex, death, nihilism, destruction and violence) and refashioned them into these mangled, compressed and ultra-intensified remixes. Most of the power comes from the extremely high volume (he must go to great pains to ensure the CD pressing plant meets his unfeasible requirements), but even within a few moments of listening it becomes clear that Hate-Male’s compositional skills are also paramount, as we witness him marshalling and assembling his diabolical forces with conviction, controlling his insane dynamic ranges in such ways as to unleash elemental, unholy energies. The record is strewn with elaborate titles and upsetting images (all used with jet-black humour) to transform the entire mess into a “concept album” on the theme of boxing, hitting, punching, belabouring and generally inflicting damage and pain with the fisticuffs, just in case we didn’t get the idea. A remarkable, visceral experience awaits the listener brave enough to purchase this monstrous abomination."
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

""I've always felt that Lawrence Conquest hasn't received the kudos he deserves for his Hate-Male project - one of my favourite UK harsh noise outfits, whose sense of twisted mischief is only out-weighed by the electronic skull-fuckery he records. Greatest Hits: A Decade of Noise (Dogbarkssome) is exactly what it says, a presentation of tracks recorded over the past ten years, only remixed to the point of absurdity in that they are essentially brand new tracks. Nevertheless, it's typically exhilerating fare. (4 stars)"
Calum Harvie, Zero Tolerance magazine

"This CD is a remix of material from the 10 years that Hate-Male has been producing works, i.e. 1999-2009. Though ostensivly a reworking of material in the first 8 tracks, the work still shows how over a decade the harsher ontologies of noise have moved in that on some if not most tracks pitch and rhythms appear, as well as recognizable vocals, form things which could only be described as songs, esp. track 3, with pulsing rhythms and drone like soundwashes of electronica, though on others, the latter ones, white noise predominates, elsewhere the musicology and aesthetic is clear. It is only with the final track 9 which is made from compiling all the previous material do we get a "white out" of sound. Historicising is always difficult, especially with actual source material, and I suppose a kind of eclectic mix is inevitable, as with all "best of" and "greatest hits", these are only ever exercises in nostalgia. There would be some, and I include myself, that would argue that noise's "data without information " should preclude any kind of geology at all, and yet here we do see definite strata, which may have been intentional, it marks a clear spot on a map, a definitive date and time - unlike the HNW vacuum, however that might be an irrelevance for the trajectories here are hard to tell where they are heading, back to definite electronics or into the noosphere of HNW?"
Jilat, Vital Weekly

"With a decade of hell noise behind him, Hate-Male takes every track he has ever done and mangles it beyond comprehension on 'Greatest Hits 1999-2009 A Decade of Noise' (Dogbarkssome) and he gives it one hell of a going over. One of the most intense noise releases for some time." (8 out of 10)"
Alex Boniwell, Terrorizer Magazine

"For over a decade now this man has chosen to invoke chaos in the form of discordant and rasping electronic sounds, but not all of it is pure obnoxious noise, there are moments of hypnotic sound spheres like highspeed tapeloops amidst an ocean of fuzz as heard on "Comatose Vegetable Dreamstate Incurred By Repeated Blows to the Cranium".
Some of the experience here is equally psychedelic and dreamlike as much as it is rigorous and sharp in spots. This artist takes the masterful skills of Nurse With Wound in many areas of this collection and explores it to a few different extremes. Nothing here is pure noise, it's all sculpted into this experience of feedback, loops, high voltage current, industrial whirs and hums, buzzes, some synth work, and almost humanlike voices that becomes a resonating trip into something as horrid as it is enjoyable.
There is nothing left out as far as power electronics goes, this has pulsing rhythms, low-end booms and hums of basstone, lots of sound manipulation, screeching and shrill effects, and comes off like a soundtrack of being submerged in a deep pool of electronic synth sounds both liquid and flowing as they are dense and surround you.
A Definite for fans of: Megaptera, Merzbow, Bastard Noise, Dissecting Table, Aube, In Slaughter Natives,Koerperwelten, NTT, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Painslut, Rasthof Dachau, and so many more..."

Defecation on the Divine Radio Blog

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