Saturday, 22 May 2010

DBSD17/SNNT042 - HATE-MALE - "LIVE IN STUDIO - 20TH MAY 2010" (2010)

*NOTE: This is a co-release between Dogbarkssome Discs and Silent Novels Rec.
1) Live in Studio - 20th May 2010 (36:21)
Total Running Time: 36:21

Released: 24th May, 2010
Formats: Download version released on  Silent Novels Rec.
Limited Edition CD version released on Dogbarkssome Discs
Availability: IN STOCK NOW

NOTE: A handful of copies of this CD were produced for promotional purposes and have been sent to various magazines, websites etc.
There are only 10 numbered CDs available for purchase by the general public
Once these have been sold the album will not be repressed.

Price including delivery

"I just got done reviewing his "Decade of noise" when this one shows up as a complete surprise in my mailbox today. The back of the album sleeve reads, "This album was recorded completely live in one take, with no overdubs, editing, mixing or other post-production of any kind". My curiosity led me to immediately give it a spin and write about it as I was still recovering from the last listen to Lawrence Conquest, the man known as Hate-Male.
This is a 36 minute long sonic, mind bending, consciousness melting, wormhole ride of warps and wobbles through this digital travel log through parallel universes and subatomic particles. Warm fuzz like fresh urine on electrical wires, zapping and fizzing and frothing, as your head spins at lightspeeds around and around with this soundscape of noise. Everything that comes to mind when you think of electronic, industrial, power, experimental music is here and in abundance. Nothing says electronic like this stuff, it's cyborg and rivetting. This is some intense and awe inspiring stuff, brilliant and worthy of mention with the greats of the style.
Another one for fans of: This artist, Merzbow, Aube, Bastard Noise, Megaptera, NTT, Yen Pox, In Slaughter Natives, Sutcliffe Jugend, Skitliv, Subklinik, and everything noise and industrial..."

Defecation on the Divine Radio Blog

"My crushed and battered body was just beginning to recover from the last assault by Hate-Male (a.k.a. Lawrence Conquest) when along comes Live In Studio 20th May 2010 (DOGBARKSSOME DISCS DBSD17). A single 36 minute work recorded live in a single take with no overdubs, this monstrosity shows you just what this man can do with his sickening use of repetition as he tortures his sequencer into breathing its final gasps of digital breath. An incredible cascade of sound, where digital reverb has ceased to be simply a decorative studio effect and is mutating into some sort of living creature, writhing like a gigantic horned python inside a coil of flame. Whatever this scaly beast may be, you can be certain it means no good towards mankind. The brilliantly shocking cover depicts an ancient doll with a highly distressed plastic head and equipped with a loathsome set of dental snappers, like a survivor from that repellent scene in Barbarella. This record represents the pared-down no-frills approach of Hate-Male (as opposed to his lush, production-heavy technique), and as such will inject your veins with a dose of the rawest possible chemical strain of max-strength virulent noise. Once infected, you can prepare for a rush on a cosmic, never-ending rollercoaster of death, a ride which will doubtless conclude with a painful and bloody finish." Ed Pinsent
The Sound Projector

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